Soul Sessions


45 mins, $111

Soul Sessions are deeply transformative. I will tune into your energy to channel the healing that is for your highest good at the moment. My intention is to work on whatever will help you accelerate on your spiritual path and live life in alignment to your Truth.

If you are dedicated to your spiritual growth, take responsibility for your wellbeing, are committed to yourself and are ready to take your life to the next level of Love, Joy, Health, Wellness and Magic – these sessions are for you!


I use various modalities including Reiki, intuitive healing, energy work, healing and clearing chakras, nadis and the auric field, akashik record healing. The sessions are always different and uniquely tailored to your needs – we will work on whatever is coming up for you to be healed and released at the time.

The sessions are held in person or over Skype.

To book your one-on-one Soul Session, email me at

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